Projects are large scale endeavors, that usually require a crew.  Projects may be done individually as well, but extra work may be required at no additional point value.  You must complete 3 projects per semester.


Documentary:  A short examination of a subject that is interesting to you.

Narrative: A short story that explores an idea through both plot and theme.

Video Art: Something that you might see in a museum.  Made from video, but without a story.

Animation: Of any sort, any subject.

PSA: Public Service Announcement – like a commercial for an issue that you care about.

Other: Got an idea? Pitch it to the class.



1. Pitch your idea to the Studio Head.

2. Rejected? Go back to step 1.  Accepted?  Congrats.  Create a synopsis a cast & crew list, and tag it upcoming.

3. Submit Storyboards or Shot Lists & A Script (if dialogue is needed) to Mr. Gran.

4. Go for it.  Projects in general, have a 3 week time window for filming/editing.  Tick tock, tick tock.

5. Upload your video to Youtube, Vimeo, or another online site – just make sure it can be embedded here.

6. Embed your video in your post.

7.Fix anything in the synopsis or cast/crew lists that may have changed.

8.Create a creative landscape poster for your video and set featured image box on the right.  The screenshot should be as high resolution as possible, and be about 1000 px (w) by 600 px (l).

9. CHANGE the post CATEGORY from Upcoming Project to Completed Project.

9.Update your post.

10. Print yourself a self-evaluation Project-Rubric.  Fill it out and hand it in.

11. Make another awesome film!



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